Secure, reliable and scalable access to mission critical information – anywhere

Cloud Email


ArkiTechs Cloud Email is a complete personal information management system that has a user friendly interface. The requirements of business and personal users vary and thus, we provide Cloud Email services that suit the user.

Cloud Email gives you the power to securely administrate email from any web browser or device of your choice without complicated licenses to manage or extra software to download.

Works with your favorite desktop software like Outlook, OS X Mail, Evolution, or any POP/IMAP client.

Mange your email, calendar and tasks from any internet browser.


Take your email with you on your BlackBerry®, iPhone®, Windows Phone®, Android®, or other mobile device.

Cloud Storage

ArkiTechs Cloud Storage facilitates secure collaboration, data access, and disaster recovery without the associated costs or administrative burden of in-house file server maintenance.

Automatically back up specific files or entire directories. Any file type or file size — no restrictions!

Easy restoration of files stowed in online storage. Track and recover previous versions of files.

Synchronize files between multiple computers or users, accessing files anytime & anywhere.

Cloud Hosting

Corporate Website Hosting, Rich Media Website Hosting E-commerce Website Hosting & Custom App Hosting

ArkiTechs Cloud Hosting is an easy to use, load-and-go web hosting platform that uses the computing power of the cloud to keep your websites online. Cloud Hosting is perfect for websites or blogs:

  1. Running WordPress, Joomla,  Sitefinity And other popular Content Management systems
  2. Requiring MySQL 5 or SQL Server database back-ends
  3. Using Windows or Linux servers

Corporate Website Hosting

When people see your website, they see you. Protect your brand identity by hosting on a reliable site infrastructure.

Rich Media Website Hosting

User experience is paramount. Host even your most dynamic media, while handling traffic spikes with ease.

E-commerce Website Hosting

With e-commerce, every second and every visit counts. Host on a platform that’s available, scalable, and designed for security.

Custom App Hosting

Flexible & unique hosting solutions.