The evolution of technology has dramatically impacted the face of today’s education system. The expansion of social network based learning tools, the increase of multimedia content, the surge of distance learning demands, and the multiplication of mobile computing devices with Wi-Fi and internet capability can all be overwhelming. ArkiTechs assures that your institute’s technological infrastructure is constantly maintained and updated as digital developments surface.

Smart Classroom Technology

ArkiTechs provides Smart Classroom Technology that enhances collaborative teaching and learning capabilities.  The integration of modern technological tools, specialized software, networking, computers, listening devices, touch panel control systems, audience response technology and audio/visual equipment fosters and enhances an advanced learning environment.

Learning Management System

Deliver classes, courses or training programs with ArkiTechs online Learning Management System. LMS implementation effortlessly allows documenting, tracking, overseeing and reporting. Classes can be generated so that they are either partially or completely online, facilitating virtual classroom interaction.

Media Library and Resources

Ameliorate your student and faculty research experience by employing ArkiTechs innovative information reserve for indexing, graphics, storage, text retrieval, audio and video materials.  

Student Information Systems

Use ArkiTechs’ Student Information Systems to manage student and human resources, online classrooms and school data. This encompasses student admissions, attendance tracking, and scheduling.

Distance Education

ArkiTechs Distance Learning services allow your facility to professionally deliver courses, training sessions and instructional components. Neither students nor instructors will experience nostalgia for the traditional classroom.