ArkiTechs is a technology solutions provider focused on delivering strategic services in the areas of enterprise communications, IT infrastructure, cloud services, multimedia delivery, mobile solutions and business intelligence. Our products and services are delivered by an international team of experts who cares and is always willing to offer counsel for planning, budgeting and implementation strategies.

At ArkiTechs we believe that our character and principles are embodied in our approach to the advisory services, technological solutions and managed services we provide. We promise to listen attentively, advise intellectually and provide customizable solutions that cover, protect and suit you!

Although highly technology based, we pride ourselves in adding a personal touch to client relations without hiding behind generic and robotic representation. You can be assured that all interactions and dealings are conducted ethically, and with the highest standard of integrity. With utmost certainty, ArkiTechs’ services will improve company productivity and efficiency; directly reducing overall costs and in keeping with business objectives.

We began our journey in 1998 when a fervor for technology and a heart for social responsibility collided among college classmates. Stephen Lee and Richard Wall spent years developing the company’s ideology and concept. In 2002, the primary branch of ArkiTechs was established in Miami, Florida. In 2011, Steve Spence joined the team of Directors and took the reigns of operations in Trinidad and Tobago.

The ArkiTechs Executive Team represents more than 50 years combined experience across technical and business disciplines. Our employees and global network of partner organizations ensure that the design and implementation of technical solutions are analyzed and supported by vast knowledge and expertise.

At the heart of ArkiTechs stands a passion for education and human development. Our active engagement with our clients and within our communities facilitates respect, trust and tolerance. These qualities are vital for building strong, lasting relationships and understanding the needs of others.

The ArkiTechs team consists of families and friends from diverse countries who dedicate themselves to learning, understanding and creating. We believe in cultural diversity and the atmosphere of acceptance, tolerance and versatility that it generates.

We are committed to excellence! Our enthusiasm and initiative fuels constant innovation and adaptability to build, design, or customize our products and services for successful execution. If there’s a challenge, we’ll face it head on!

The evolution of technology is simply remarkable. It has provided our world with unlimited options, means and methods in every aspect of life. If we retain our humility, passion for people and a sense of respect, the positive benefits will be endless.
— Richard Wall
Never let cultural, geographical and/or personal differences hinder your mental expansion. Technology is important and facilitates your growth, but human interaction and relationships are imperative to our souls.
— Steve Spence
We have confidence in our creativity and ingenuity. Be determined. Stay committed. Speak up. Be smart. Take risks.
— Stephen Lee