ArkiTechs supplied Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is perfect for clients who appreciate the need for flexibility and control over their business’ telephony costs. VoIP is an uncomplicated, reliable, secure and more efficient method of conducting business. With VoIP, worrying about tied up phone lines, inaccessibility or availability of employees is completely unnecessary. Can your proprietary system direct and redirect your calls over the internet through your computer, business phone and personal mobiles? Can it show you the availability status of your employees? VoIP service is invaluable to your organization, its competence and its productivity. Move forward, grow and expand with IP PBX, VoIP by ArkiTechs!

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Basic & Advanced Phone System Features

Replace your proprietary PBX system with our IPPBX systems:

  • Automatic and hassle free system configuration and updates via a Web based management console
  • Missed call & voicemail notification via email
  • Receive faxes as PDF documents
  • Remotely configure and manage phone system and integrate branch offices

Multiple Platforms & Manufacturer Independence

With our VoIP phone systems, use traditional handsets or softphones via your computer, Windows, Android and iOS mobile phones.

  • SIP compliant endpoint support
  • Hardware device endpoints support for Cisco, Grandstream, Astra, and software-based phones. 
  • Android and IOS handsets support
  • Freedom from manufacturer lock in
  • Manage systems using mobile devices



Advanced Telephone Application Systems

ArkiTechs’ VoIP for Business provides not only basic phone features, but also a range of advanced telecommunications applications.

  • Large or medium scale Phone system implementation e.g. Call centers, offices, hotels, schools, etc.
  • Call agent management
  • Call reporting statistics
  • Integration of property management and billing information
  • Implementation of complex IVR applications for banking, hotel reservations, etc.
  • Customer Relationship Management integration

Benefits of VoIP

Reduced Telephony Costs

  • Minimization of installation below that of a traditional PBX system
  • Reduced IT department overhead
  • Lower support costs
  • Complimentary Advanced features

Enhanced Productivity

  • Effortlessly connect to international offices
  • No unnecessary phone calls with use of Presence Information
  • Easily make video calls
  • Combine voice mail and faxes with email
  • Send faxes via email


  • Implement your own strategies to control costs and increase efficiency
  • Vendor-independent and open system can adjust per your organization’s needs
  • Increased end user power


  • Facilitate travel, global locations and telework using mobile phones, laptops, tablets or desktops